Industrial Pneumatic Tyres

Greckster Industrial Pneumatics
GSE Pneumatics
Greckser Skid Steers
Lawn & Garden tyres
Greckster Agri Implement tyres


  • Heavy duty design for tough applications
  • Special tread compound for cooler running & wear resistance
  • Wider tread profile for improved traction & stability
  • Reinforced nylon casing for higher load rating
  • Unique sipes in shoulder area for enhanced heat dissipation
  • Reinforced sidewall for reduced deflection & improved protection
  • Rim-guard protector for rim flange area

Skid Steer

  • Open self-cleaning lug profile
  • Specially designed tread pattern for higher torque
  • Deep tread lugs assure maximum tyre life
  • Robust sidewall protects against damages
  • Low heat build up compound for cooler running

Lawn & Garden

  • Specially designed tread pattern for maximum traction.
  • Deep tread depth provides longer life.
  • Reinforced casing gives increased puncture resistance.

Agricultural Implement

  • Designed with low section profile for lesser soil compaction.
  • Specially designed for drive and free rolling wheels.
  • Strengthened casing for higher load capacity.